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Acting True Performing Arts Workshops.

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“Lisa’s presence in the class room is engaging, present and in tune with the students needs.  With our highly disengaged and at risk youth, Lisa is warming, yet holds authority with compassion.”


Lisa was an inspiration to the youth in the class’ she taught with us.  These students are regularly disengaged from education and having Lisa in, gave them hope and encouragement to believe in who they are as individuals!  


Lisa’s workshop’ encouraged a climb in attendance, which is rare for these students.  This created an environment for the students who otherwise would have been missing out on their schooling to be encourage and see that someone outside of their world cares enough to spend quality time with them.  This was most prominent in the students behaviour and attendance following Lisa’s time with them.  


Aeshlie Wheeler; Operations Manager at Body Language Talent Agency


Lisa’s workshops have provided us with the opportunity to help our talent find their confidence and niche within the industry.  


With all ages as young as 12through to 60years, Lisa took our look on the industry to a new level and helped to cultivate an experience for the agency that we would otherwise have looked passed.  


Lisa’s skill in engaging the group, remaining on task and catering to what the group needs proved a great asset to the workshops and to the people attending.  


Lisa expressed a great deal of emotional intelligence throughout the workshops which enriched our students with trust and confidence to complete the daunting activities she was presenting.  This was inspiring for all and created a relaxed, yet professionally engaging environment.  


Lisa’s method of teaching brings comfort, innovation and confidence within our school to do good work; and use that to tell great stories with our talent.


Thank you Lisa, we look forward to having you back again soon!


Aeshlie Wheeler; Coordinator; Confidence & Communication Program; Rokeby High School.Creator Tasmanian Talent Agency











Private Tutorials

One on one coaching with

Lisa Gormley.

- Industry training/ information/ coaching. 

$50 per 60 min session.


- Self Tape audition session

 All footage transferred or basic edit, upload and send.

$60 per 60 min session.

$70 per 60 min session - inclusive of scene/acting coaching.


- Dialect/ Script Analysis/ Song/ Monologue/ Character development/ Acting Coaching.

$70 per 60 min session.

$40 per 30 min session.

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“You have the potential to make an incredible difference in thousands of kids lives, Lisa. I could feel the love in every answer you gave and every interaction with the kids. Wow, I have never seen that before.”

Mary-Anne Rischmueller Teacher Two Wells Primary 2015

“Lisa, I met you last year when you came to my school, Two Wells Primary. Honestly hearing what you had to tell us and how you grew up and coped with everything was amazing. Ive been through a few rough patches, but thanks to you I know know how to cool myself down and make myself less stressed.” 

Two Wells Primary student 2015